It’s all about people

One of the most exciting and enriching experiences of my entrepreneurial journey so far is the one about people.

Since day 1, I have had the chance to meet some truly amazing people with whom I entertain the most interesting and insightful conversations and always leave overwhelmed, refreshed and more determined to go further.

How is this relevant to this blog? I never had the discipline to blog regularly nor the commitment to put every interesting idea (at least from my point of view) that crosses my mind in an article. Yet, after every conversation I feel that I have to take the effort and share at least some of those thoughts that would definitely impact someone’s life one way or another.

Today I made up my mind: out of appreciation for this chance I have and in return of it I commit to sharing those thoughts no matter how briefly and sometimes randomly, hoping you would find them as inspirational and motivational as I do.

When thinking of entrepreneurship I always say: Don’t blame those who don’t know, blame those who don’t share what they know… I, for one, wouldn’t want to be blamed one day and hope that my humble experience would help as many people as possible achieve their real passion and potential.


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