How Steve Jobs inspired me

I’m not writing this because this is the trending topic of the day nor because I’m a big fan of sensational news and collective panic.

I’m not writing this because I’m an old-time Apple fanatic; my first Apple product was this MacBook I bought less than a year ago (although I admit I wish I had done it many years before).

I’m not writing this because Steve Jobs was my idol since I was fifteen. I barely knew more than his name and that he was the “Apple guy” until some recent years.

I’m writing it because I was never moved by the news of someone passing away the way I was this morning when I saw the “1955-2011 Steve Jobs” photo of (Note: I’m not exaggerating, I’m lucky so far I haven’t have to deal with any close person’s death).

Why was I moved if Steve Jobs didn’t mean that much to me? The truth is that he meant an awful lot. This guy changed my life and not because he invented iPhone.

He changed my life simply because his Stanford speech gave me the courage to follow my heart and intuition. I had been hesitating for years about quitting my secure job and starting my own business when I got to hear that famous speech accidentally in 2010. That day, I went home and wrote on a piece of paper “I’ll have my own business on November 1st” and put that paper on the mirror I shave on every morning. By November 1st, I had quit my job and started my dream.

When I look back, I see how marvelously the dots end up connecting to each other and how one really wins if he follows his heart and passion.

I know this story is nothing compared to what this great man did but for me at least it means many things and I couldn’t let this day pass by without saying: Thank you Steve. May your soul rest in peace


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